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Wildlife Ambassadors and our Educational Program

Pacific Wildlife Care, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, has been rescuing and rehabilitating native wildlife on the central coast for almost 30 years. As part of our mission, and under strict licenses, we are able to keep certain non-releasable animals as ambassadors. They are available for presentations that educate the public about what we do, provide information about the wildlife living in our communities, and offer ways for us to live compatibly with our wild neighbors.

Our Wildlife Ambassadors are available for presentations at public and private events. We will customize our presentation to fit your specific needs. The program may include a short video, a PowerPoint presentation, and photo displays in addition to the Wildlife Ambassadors. Requested donations start at $150. For more information, email the education team at education@pacificwildlifecare.org

Your financial support also helps Pacific Wildlife Care respond to over 2000 emergency wildlife calls each year. It allows us to provide veterinary care for sick and injured animals that would otherwise have none. Native wildlife on the central coast is a vital component of what makes living here desirable. Protecting and preserving it benefits the entire community.

Meet the PWC Wildlife Ambassadors

Avian Ambassadors

Buddy – a Red-tailed Hawk, hit by a car and blind in one eye
Misty – a Western Screech Owl , hit by a car and is blind
Denali – a Red-tailed Hawk, born with limited vision
Max – a Great Horned Owl, hit by car and blind
Morro – a Peregrine Falcon, born in captivity and non-releasable, was offered to PWC
Corax – a Common Raven, unable to fly
Oberon – a Long Eared Owl, with a nonfixable broken wing
Pip – an American Kestrel, shoulder injury
Ginger – a Barn Owl, born in captivity
Pidgy – a Rock Dove
Alice – a Great Horned Owl

Mammal Ambassador

Cricket, the Virginia Opossum