Father's Day Celebration - Vote for your Favorite Mammal Baby

On behalf of all the dads in this world who play a critical, and supportive role rearing their young’uns, the wildlife world is no different. Many wildlife dads protect and share in the familial duties (some species more or less than others), so when babies become injured, sick, orphaned or separated from their dads… and moms, Pacific Wildlife Care steps in to fill that need.

This June, we wish to honor all the baby mammals that have come through our doors! Since January, we have received 263 babies. Caring for baby mammals can be particularly challenging because they require several months of care, and some species have a high risk of imprinting on humans.

In celebration of Father’s Day and to fund our life-saving work to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife with the goal of release back to the wild, show your love and cast a vote by donating for your favorite mammal baby below!

$5 = 5 votes, $10 = 10 votes, $25 = 25 votes, $50 = 50 votes, etc.... Donate as many times as you like, and we’ll report back with the all-time favorite! Vote by clicking on your favorite mammal baby photo. Voting ends June 30th.

As a bonus, if you become a monthly donor (minimum $20/mo.), your favorite mammal baby will receive 100 extra votes, no matter your giving amount.

Here at Pacific Wildlife Care, we’ll never give up our work to preserve wildlife caught in the crosshairs of human interaction. That is something you can depend on!!

Thank you from all of us at Pacific Wildlife Care

Brush rabbit
Virginia opossum
Long-tailed weasel
Striped skunk
Western gray squirrel
Gray fox