Upcoming Election - Polling Volunteer Schedule

Daily Volunteer Job/Task Description:

  • Greeter - Greet voters check their information against the registered voter list. Provide them with a ballot.
  • VBM Drop/Curbside Voting - Stationed outside to observe and assist with getting VBM ballots from drive ups into the drop box
  • ICX/Ballot Assistance/ Sanitizer - Assist inside with in person voting and sanitize stations between voters
  • Ballot Box Clerk - Monitor Ballot Box and assist voters with depositing their ballot
  • Provisional/CVR - Gather necessary information, assure paperwork is completed and provide a provisional ballot.

Election Precinct will be at the Atascadero National Guard Armory at 6105 Olmeda Ave. We ask that all volunteers arrive 15 minutes before their shift.

Current Volunteer Sign-up Sheets

No sheets currently available at this time.

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