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Donations of Supplies and Equipment

Please send us an email or call the hotline at 805-543-9453 (WILD) if you would like to donate items from the list shown below. Another easy way to donate needed supplies is to buy directly from the Pacific Wildlife Care Wish List on Items purchased on Amazon are shipped directly to PWC! If you see something on the Amazon list that you want to buy elsewhere, just click "Buying this gift elsewhere?" so that PWC will be notified that it was purchased, just not from Amazon.

Items We Need for the Rehabilitation Center:

  • space heaters with fans professional pet drier
  • heating pads (can't have automatic shutoff)
  • an incubator heat lamps
  • kleenex
  • bleach
  • shade cloth
  • daisy mats
  • copy and printer paper
  • laundry detergent (biodegradable such as Seventh Generation-free and clear concentrate) or (Country Save-concentrated, no perfume, dyes or fillers)
  • gift card for Miner's Ace Hardware Store
  • gift card for The Container Store
  • office supplies (pens, paper, sharpies)
  • baby food: chicken with chicken broth
  • cat chow (Purina-regular)

Another excellent way to provide support for the ongoing care of SLO county's wildlife at the Rehabilitation center is by becoming a Member.

Thank you for your support!

Pacific Wildlife Care is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.
Federal Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is 77-0196350.