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Why should I leave a gift to Pacific Wildlife Care?

Because PWC, as the only licensed rehabilitation organization in San Luis Obispo County for birds, land animals, and reptiles, relies on donations and volunteers. A planned gift provides the resources we need to succeed, and enables us to fund future programs and strategies. 

PWC gives you the opportunity to make tax-wise planned gift to help the wildlife in our county. As development advances throughout the county our wildlife is often impacted.

You don’t have to be wealthy to make a planned gift. People of every age and income level can make a planned gift to ensure that wildlife in San Luis Obispo County are cared for when needed.

What kinds of gifts can I leave to Pacific Wildlife Care?

Following are the types of planned gifts members can make to PWC, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Many gifts have attractive tax benefits.

Gifts of Cash

The easiest and most common gift


Reduce the size of your taxable estate while helping our native wildlife.  Bequests can be made in a variety of ways:

  • Specific bequest: You decide now exactly how much money, what assets, or what percentage of your estate will pass to Pacific Wildlife Care after your death.

    The following is a suggested form for such a bequest: “I hereby give and bequeath [amount in dollars or percentage amount] to Pacific Wildlife Care, a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization having the federal tax identification number 77-0196350, to be used for the accomplishment of its general purposes."

    If you prefer, you may designate a specific purpose for our use of your bequest. If a restricted gift is your preference, please contact us before finalizing arrangements so that we can be sure we’ll be able to fulfill your wishes.
  • Residuary bequest: You can specify the portion of your estate that will pass to Pacific Wildlife Care after other designated beneficiaries receive their specified gifts, and after expenses are paid.
  • Contingent bequest: All or a portion of your estate will pass to Pacific Wildlife Care only if the named beneficiaries do not survive you.
Gifts of publicly traded securities

These are easy to give and offer great tax advantages. Stock can be transferred electronically and donors can receive substantial relief from capital gains taxes.

Naming Pacific Wildlife Care a beneficiary

Naming Pacific Wildlife Care a beneficiary of your life insurance plan, retirement account or bank account

Add Pacific Wildlife Care to Your Will

Your lawyer can help you draft a new will or help you add a codicil to your existing will naming PWC as a beneficiary.

Our official name and address is:

Central Coast Wildlife Rehabilitation Guild DBA (doing business as) Pacific Wildlife Care
PO Box 1134
Morro Bay, CA 93443-1134

Our Federal Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is 77-0196350.


We would be honored to publicly thank you, in our next Second Chance newsletter, for your generous support of Pacific Wildlife Care. We typically list supporters by name without specific reference to gift amount. However, we understand that some donors prefer to remain anonymous. When making your gift, please let us know your preference regarding acknowledgment.

Please Note: It is important to fully discuss the implications of your gift with your tax or estate specialist. Gifts will have differing tax implications depending on the size of your estate, other charitable gifts you plan to make, etc.

For more information or to discuss making a planned gift, please contact Skye Christakos at 805-528-3394.

(The above information about planned giving is courtesy of Free Press.)