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800+ strong and growing!  
Members, donors, volunteers & staff working together to support the wildlife of San Luis Obispo County through rehabilitation and educational outreach.

Pacific Wildlife Care is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

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We treat nearly 3,000 wild animal patients every year, from over 200 different species. Our goal? To return healthy animals to the wild! We also provide educational presentations for local organizations and schools.


Why It Matters

[Wildlife rehabilitation] "is a process of coming to know something quite unlike you, to understand it well enough not only to keep it alive but also to put it back, like a puzzle piece, into the gap in the world it left behind."

 -- Helen Macdonald, author of H is for Hawk


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Freedom Friday! This Brown Pelican was brought into the clinic after being spotted in a parking lot in Los Osos. The bird was weak and emaciated. After a couple months of rehabilitation and gaining weight, she was finally strong enough for release 🙂. Thanks to Kathy Johnson, one of our clinic volunteers for releasing this beautiful adult Pelican.

#freedomfriday #backtothewild #brownpelican #pelican #wildliferelease
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Well done!

Great work!

What a great feeling that is!🦉


Congratulations on another successful rehab! Love that she sure didn't mess around! Bang, zoom, out!

Thank you ❤️

Samantha Allene Gaines is this your Grocery Outlet pelican???

And the sea otters photobombing in the background.

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Guess the animal! What animal do you think this is? 🙂

#wildlife #guesstheanimal #pacificwildlifecare
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Guess the animal! What animal do you think this is? 🙂 

#wildlife #guesstheanimal #pacificwildlifecare


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red shafted flicker


Northern Flicker!

Northern Flicker!



Northern flicker


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❤️️❤️️Happy Valentine's Day!!❤️❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

❤️️❤️️Happy Valentines Day!!❤️❤️


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I didn't know they mated for life.