Anna's Hummingbird

Pacific Wildlife Care supports these like-minded organizations and agencies that promote living compatibly with wildlife.


California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW)

Keep Me Wild

"Wild Animals Don’t Need Your Handouts. They Need Your Respect! Please – stash your food and trash. Keep them wild."

"You may not realize it—a simple bag of garbage, bowl of pet food, or plate of leftovers left outside your home or vacation site, can cause severe harm to wildlife."


California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW)

Living with Wildlife

Ranging from "Keep Me Wild campaign" to "Guidance for backyard wildlife problems" this site addresses multiple topics under of headings "Prevent or Solve a Problem with Wildlife," "Threats to Wildlife," "Restricted, Exotic and Invasive Species," "Do I Need a Permit?" and "Things CDFW Does NOT Do."

Humane Society of the United States, Wild Neighbors

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)

Wild Neighbors

“The HSUS is working with community leaders and animal care and control agencies to create Wild Neighbors communities, where humane and non-lethal solutions are given priority when addressing conflicts between people and wildlife."

"Learn more about these innovative, effective, and humane approaches for solving problems with wildlife via our ‘Find Answers to Wildlife Problems’ tool….”

Humane Society of San Diego-Project Wildlife-Coexisting with Wildlife


A Program of San Diego Humane Society

Co-Existing with Wildlife

"This site provides information on how to peacefully co-exist with wildlife. It contains basic information about wild animal behaviors and outlines practical ways to handle common encounters. It also provides instructions on what to do when you come across an animal that needs help. Wildlife is an integral component of [any] unique ecosystem, and we owe it to ourselves and our wild neighbors to act responsibly.”

Pier Watch of the Central Coast

Pier Watch™ of the Central Coast

"Pier Watch™ is dedicated to educating about proper disposal of fishing line and tackle, responsible fishing practices, and the importance of not feeding seabirds. We provide free educational signs for posting at fishing piers in an effort to reduce marine wildlife injuries.”

National Wildlife Federation-Garden For Wildlife

National Wildlife Federation

Garden for Wildlife

“Create a Certified Wildlife Garden”

“Whether you have an apartment balcony or a 20-acre farm, you can create a garden that attracts beautiful wildlife and helps restore habitat in commercial and residential areas. By providing food, water, cover and a place for wildlife to raise their young you not only help wildlife, but you also qualify to become an official Certified Wildlife Habitat®.”


San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden

What We Grow

"Mission: To honor and preserve our connection with nature."

"Ours is a story of connecting people and plants. We focus on the role plants play in our lives and how they advance human endeavors and cultures by providing food, shelter, clothing, and medicine.”

In their “What We Grow” page they offer a PDF titled “Plants to attract birds and butterflies.”