Volunteer Bio

Rosemary & David Slater

If you are ever crossing the parking lot of an Albertsons and you hear a voice asking “Have YOU heard of PWC,” it is most likely coming out of a very tiny person named Rosemary. She draws in the crowd and educates while David mans the booth, pulls out the handouts, and thanks the donators…

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Volunteer Highlight: Kathleen

My name is Kathleen Dillon. I am a center volunteer and north county transporter, going on 2+ years. Recently retired from the corporate world, I’ve moved to a little house with my Henry & Junebug; we’re planning a new garden, fig & peach orchard… and hopefully a flight cage for home rehab! My motto..one step at a time, you can…

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Volunteer Highlight: Phil

Phil Strahl What job(s) you do for PWC? Transporter How long have you been with PWC? 4 years Tell us a little bit about yourself – hobbies, jobs, family, unique talents Hobbies Travelling, esp. cross-country road trips; movies; hiking; puzzles; watching football; spending time with family; being around animals; generally loving all that SLO has to offer…

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