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Merriam Chipmunks Released in Tahoe

Merriam Chipmunks

I first heard the chipmunk story from a friend, Fred Friedman. His wife Rochelle’s daughter, Deven Day, had recently moved to San Luis County from the Reno / Mount Rose area. One of the possessions she moved was a dresser. For two weeks, it sat where she had moved it, until she decided to put…

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Seabirds and the Hazards of Fishing

Our hotline received several calls during a four-day period concerning a cormorant with a large object hanging from his beak. Our volunteers and various other people tried to rescue him more than once, but he was elusive and often hopped into the ocean when approached. Finally he was seen near a street corner away from…

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Don’t Try This at Home: The Saga of CORA 16-1623

Common Raven 16-1623, admitted to the clinic on June 22, made himself at home on a table in the Intake Room, appearing completely comfortable in what should have been an alien environment, with four humans observing him. He ate out of bowls, took food from humans’ hands, and displayed curiosity about, well, everything. He tore…

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A Tale of Two Eagles

Eagle released in Creston

Story written by PAMELA HARTMANN in 2013. An eagle does not often crash through a windshield, nor is it often that Game Warden Teri Hickey happens to be driving by a scene at the perfect moment, exactly when needed. But both occurred the Monday before Thanksgiving, 2013. In the early evening of November 25, a woman…

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Ancient Procedure – Allows 21st Century Hawk to Fly

A hawk’s survival requires an exquisite ability to soar and maneuver. This is especially true of Red-shouldered Hawks. They are “masters of maneuverability,” often chasing prey through dense forest, says PWC’s Claudia Duckworth. A hawk with damaged tail feathers cannot do this. At the PWC Rehabilitation Center, Red-shouldered Hawk #766 recovered well from the fractured…

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Baby Striped Skunk

Striped skunk syringe fed

This little Striped Skunk came into our care after being separated from her mother. She will be fed a special skunk formula until she can be started on foods she will eat in the wild like insects, fruits, eggs, and seeds. This little one is doing great and we look forward to watching her progress…

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Great Horned Owl #13-757

And now….a story from our Vet, Shannon Riggs, DVM Great horned owl #13-757 arrived at Pacific Wildlife Care on May 28 after being found entangled in a barbed wire fence.  The bird’s rescuer was able to cut the small section of fence around which the bird’s right wing was wrapped and bring the bird to…

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White Pelican

This is the first White Pelican the Center has seen. It is a protected bird in California, yet this did not stop someone from shooting it twice. A good Samaritan spotted the bird hitting a tree and falling to the ground, and called PWC to come get it. The shots were reported to California Department…

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Misty the Screech Owl

This is Misty. She is a full grown Western Screech Owl that came into the center in March after being hit by a car on Old Creek Rd. A very compassionate woman (named Misty) brought her in and still checks up on her to this day. After a visit to the vet, we learned that…

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The Great Horned Owl

This is a Great Horned Owl (with a seemingly disapproving look). One of our volunteers is holding this owl while one of our supervisors feeds it. It came in to the center on Friday after getting caught in barbed wire. This is something that happens more often than people realize. If you see an owl, or any…

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