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Be on the Lookout for Infected Band-tailed Pigeons

Band-tailed Pigeon

By Marcelle Bakula Reprinted from the Cambrian I am a volunteer at Pacific Wildlife Care along with many other Cambria residents. PWC is SLO County’s only licensed wildlife rehabilitation organization. There are two important things I wanted our community to be aware of at this time. First, there is an ongoing problem throughout California with…

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White Pelican

This is the first White Pelican the Center has seen. It is a protected bird in California, yet this did not stop someone from shooting it twice. A good Samaritan spotted the bird hitting a tree and falling to the ground, and called PWC to come get it. The shots were reported to California Department…

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Holiday Postcards

  With the Holidays rolling around, I know what a lot of you are thinking: What should I do for my holiday card this year? You may also be thinking about what gifts to buy, and whether maybe you should donate to a non-profit organization to spread the love a bit. Well here is a…

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Building Flight 1

Before the large pools were brought in, the birds in flight 1 had a few baby pools. Then a generous trucking company decided to donate two large fiberglass tomato bins for the center to use as peli pools. So the construction began. We had to make a wooden support structure to hold the large bins…

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A look at our Flight 1

This is our flight 1. It is a very large enclosure containing two very large pools of water for our birds to swim in. This is where we keep the birds once they are doing well and almost ready to be released. These past few months we have had 10-20 pelicans in here, along with…

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