Board Officers

President: Kimberly Perez
Vice President: Marcelle Bakula
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Kate Capela

Board Members

Bob Blakely
Craig Christakos
Kathleen Dillon
Jermaine Washington

You can contact any of the Board members via email, or through U.S. mail at PO Box 1134, Morro Bay, CA 93443-1134.

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at PWC's Rehabilitation Center (by zoom since April), 1387 Main Street, Morro Bay, starting at 4:30 p.m. Members may speak during the Public Comment period (the first few minutes of the meeting) or asked to be placed on the agenda.

For copies of agendas or minutes, leave a message for Kimberly Perez at the Hotline number, 805-543-9453 (WILD), or send an email. You can also mail your request to PWC, PO Box 1134, Morro Bay, CA 93443-1134.

-Meg Crockett, PWC Past President

I first became involved with PWC in 2007, when it was preparing to open its new Rehabilitation Center, after 23 years of providing home-centric rehab programs. I watched as an empty building was transformed into a well-run emergency hospital serving wildlife from the entire county. Since then, I’ve seen dramatic progress at the Center, accomplished through the collective, collaborative efforts of a team of volunteers, senior rehabilitators, members, and donors.