Springtime Reminders

Immature rabbits

BY MARCELLE BAKULA. It’s springtime, and with it comes an opportunity to remind San Luis Obispo residents what that means for our local wildlife and our human impact on them. We all remember learning in school about how spring is the time of renewal, including nests and every bird and mammal having babies! Well, this is…

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Baby Striped Skunk

Striped skunk syringe fed

This little Striped Skunk came into our care after being separated from her mother. She will be fed a special skunk formula until she can be started on foods she will eat in the wild like insects, fruits, eggs, and seeds. This little one is doing great and we look forward to watching her progress…

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Getting the lead out of our Golden Purifiers


They are probably not most peoples’ choice for a favorite bird. As a wildlife rehabilitator, I have been hissed and growled at, thrown up on, (a reaction to the stress of being handled), bitten and clawed by these animals, but like many of my fellow rehabbers, I have developed a fondness and admiration for these…

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Golden Eagle Ready for Release

Golden Eagle

Morro Bay, CA, February 9, 2014. Pacific Wildlife Care (PWC) plans to release a Golden Eagle on Wednesday or Thursday that was rescued in between Atascadero and Templeton in mid-September. The bird was rescued by a member of the public after being found unable to fly, likely after being hit by a car. The eagle…

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Skin Grafts and Creancing Allow Great Horned Owl to be Released

Great Horned Owl

Morro Bay, CA, September 1, 2014—Pacific Wildlife Care will be releasing this evening a Great Horned Owl found over a year ago in Arroyo Grande entangled in a barbed wire fence. The bird’s rescuer was able to cut the small section of fence around which the bird’s right wing was wrapped and bring the bird…

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Port San Luis – Problem Situation with Fish Cleaning Station

By Emily Miggins Recently, Pacific Wildlife Care and its volunteers have led the creation of a growing coalition of concerned residents and organizations including: Morro Coast Audubon Society, Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra Club, SLO Coastkeeper, and Willow Tree Wildlife who are urging The Port San Luis Harbor Commissioners to “clean up their act”…

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Be on the Lookout for Infected Band-tailed Pigeons

Band-tailed Pigeon

By Marcelle Bakula Reprinted from the Cambrian I am a volunteer at Pacific Wildlife Care along with many other Cambria residents. PWC is SLO County’s only licensed wildlife rehabilitation organization. There are two important things I wanted our community to be aware of at this time. First, there is an ongoing problem throughout California with…

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Baby Season: Birds of Prey

By Pamela Hartmann Photos by Jeanette Stone and Jeri Roberts Raising a baby raptor is tricky. No human can do the job that avian parents do. For this reason, it’s almost always preferable to re-nest a baby bird that has fallen from the nest, and for it to grow up with its own kind in…

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A Beginning

Common Raven fledgling

Story and photo by Claudia Duckworth. I’d like to introduce you to PWCs first education corvid, “Corax.” He belongs to the family that includes crows, jays, Magpies and nutcrackers. Corax is a raven and his designation in the ornithological world is Corvus Corax or Common Raven. Corax came to the PWC Center in the Spring of…

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Match Doubles Donations to Fund Veterinarian at Pacific Wildlife Care

Morro Bay, CA, October 7, 2013—A matching fund has been established that will double all donations to Pacific Wildlife Care’s “Fund Our Vet” campaign. A full-time on-site veterinarian, Dr. Shannon Riggs, was first hired at Pacific Wildlife Care (PWC) in January, 2013 as Director of Animal Care. Since then, survival rates have improved significantly, from…

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