Proclamation: Pacific Wildlife Care recognized for 30 Years of Non-Profit Service to Wildlife

The following proclamation was read and approved by the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors on March 7, 2017: (RESOLUTION RECOGNIZES AND THANKS PACIFIC WILDLIFE CARE FOR 30 YEARS OF WILDLIFE RESCUE AND REHABILITATION AND COMMUNITY EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH).

WHEREAS, Pacific Wildlife Care is the only wildlife rehabilitation organization in San Luis Obispo County, an area encompassing over 3125 square miles, a wide range of habitats and 100 miles of coastline, holding licenses with the US Fish & Wildlife Service and California Department of Fish & Wildlife, with a mission to support San Luis Obispo County wildlife through rehabilitation and educational outreach; and

WHEREAS, Pacific Wildlife Care is committed to provide the highest standard of care in the field of wildlife rehabilitation and the humane treatment of all wildlife and that 2017 is the 30th year since Pacific Wildlife Care received 501 (c) 3 non-profit status; and

WHEREAS, Pacific Wildlife Care formed as the Central Coast Wildlife Rehabilitation Guild, with individuals coming together during the 1984 Avila Beach oil spill and continued with in-home care of injured and orphaned wildlife, and

Photo of Proclamation Certificate

Proclamation Certificate

WHEREAS, as wildlife cases grew, the early rehabilitation pioneers envisioned the need for a rehabilitation center and worked with the State of California, the Oiled Wildlife Care Network, The Office of Spill Prevention and Response and The Marine Mammal Center to build the Pacific Wildlife Care Rehabilitation Center in 2007 in Morro Bay, California, and

WHEREAS, Pacific Wildlife Care is a Primary Care Facility for the Oiled Wildlife Care Network, being a first response center during an oil spill event in our County, and

WHEREAS, Pacific Wildlife Care volunteers work 365 days a year at the Rehabilitation Center but also provide San Luis Obispo County with a Wildlife Hotline and Rescue Transporters. Over 250 dedicated hands-on volunteers and over 1,200 members/donors support the mission, vision and day-to-day operations of Pacific Wildlife Care and that animal intakes have risen to over 2,700 in 2016, and

WHEREAS, the mission of Pacific Wildlife Care also includes educational outreach to the community, for which the Education Team and their 10 animal ambassadors visit over 100 schools, service organizations and community events annually to increase awareness, understanding and protection of our wildlife, and

WHEREAS, Pacific Wildlife Care receives animals year-round from the all of the communities in San Luis Obispo County: cities, County Parks, Harbor Patrols, State Parks, County Animal Regulation, military bases, C.M.C., and

WHEREAS, as intake case loads have increased and with a generous donor grant, Pacific Wildlife Care hired a full-time Wildlife Veterinarian in 2012, who has dramatically increased prompt on site, state-of-the-art care, and

WHEREAS, Pacific Wildlife Care is not supported by governmental funding and relies on members and donors to carry out their lifesaving work and with many volunteers giving countless hours for fundraising, public relations, community outreach and volunteer recruitment, and

Photo of supporters with certificate

Happy Supporters of PWC with Proclamation

NOW, THEN, be it resolved that the Board of Supervisors of San Luis Obispo County, State of California, hereby thanks Pacific Wildlife Care, their founding pioneers, their Veterinarian, staff, volunteers, members and donors for their outstanding work to give our wildlife a second chance to be returned to their natural habitat to enrich our world, to inspire the citizens of our County, the thousands of visitors who enjoy our community, and congratulate them on 30 years of dedicated commitment.

Watch the video (but note that throughout the video we were called Pacific Wildcare, the Proclamation does correctly read Pacific Wildlife Care.)


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