Pruning Time is Here Again

If your trees and bushes will need pruning this year, now is the time to do that pruning, in between storms! Oh, but you want to wait until spring, don’t you? It will be warmer weather, and birds will be out singing and building their nests. Yes, that is exactly why it wouldn’t be a good idea to put it off too long!

Image of bush needing pruning

A coffeeberry bush needing pruning

Some years ago, before knowing that spring and summer are not good times for pruning, I went out with my ladder to attack the cypress trees (I think) in our Cupertino backyard. Unfortunately, I frightened a Mourning Dove, and I soon found out why: I had chopped off the limb holding her nest with her one egg. I felt really bad about it, so I attempted to put the nest back in the same tree but, how could I show the mother (or father) where the nest was now?

I assume it was the mother, and she flew around trying to find her nest, but the tree was not the same shape. Something was very wrong. That branch had disappeared!

She hung around crying for her lost egg for days. But the damage had been done, and I had done it.

Please tell your friends: whether they prune the bushes and trees themselves or hire someone to do it, winter is the time for pruning, not spring or summer. In California, pruning in winter is very good for the plants. There will be warm days without rain, and it’s best to prune when plants are more or less dormant and before they really begin their growing season.

Just a simple thing you and I can do to help out wildlife!


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