Our hotline received several calls during a four-day period concerning a cormorant with a large object hanging from his beak. Our volunteers and various other people tried to rescue him more than once, but he was elusive and often hopped into the ocean when approached. Finally he was seen near a street corner away from the ocean, captured, and brought to our center.
He was entangled in hooks and fishing line. A large lure dangled from his beak. There was fishing line wrapped many times around his bill so he had been unable to eat for several days at least. A three-part hook was embedded inside his mouth, one hook in the roof of his mouth and two in the floor.
Our veterinarian cut the line holding his bill closed. She then carefully and skillfully removed all three hooks. He was given fluids, antibiotics and pain medication. Ten minutes after the hooks and line were removed, he was seen happily eating all the fish offered to him.
After he re-gained all the weight he lost, and appeared to be in good health again, he was released back to the wild.

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