It’s with great sadness that I tell you Jack, our Educational Merlin Falcon, passed away recently. I feel especially blessed to have lived with and cared for him the past 11 years.  We made many public appearances together during that time. He taught and thrilled so many children and adults over his years as an ambassador.

Jack was given vet approval to be an Educational animal with PWC on 7/8/05.  Although I have had difficulty finding much documentation on the lifespan of Merlins the longest data I have seen for them in the wild is 10 years and for captive birds 7 years. Since Jack came to us with adult plumage, and taking into account his severe head injury as a result of a collision with a car, We were indeed lucky to have him with us so long. It is such a privilege to work with our Educational Ambassadors. I will miss him dearly.

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