Pip’s story: AMERICAN KESTREL Falco sparverius

Pip is an American Kestrel brought to PWC in May, 2016 as an injured fledgling. His tail feathers were still partly sheathed indicative of a young bird. A cat had carried him indoors and he had multiple puncture wounds consistent with being cat-caught. He also had a dislocation in his shoulder and a healing break of the upper bone of his left wing. It is possible he hit a window causing the injuries and was then caught by the cat.

Pip was in our care for a little over a month with a guarded prognosis for release. After having regular physical therapy on the wing and being tested for flight in a flight cage, our veterinarian, Dr. Riggs, determined that he couldn’t fly well enough to be released and he became our newest educational ambassador in July 2016.

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