Pacific Wildlife Care could not do it’s lifesaving work without our legion of volunteers.  PWC currently has over 80 Center Volunteers, 50 Transporters, 20 Phone Volunteers and 50 Home Rehabbers.  Recently, we have several new “Front Desk” and “Bookkeeping” volunteers who now help answer phones, attempt to keep up with data input, check the mail, enter receipts, and help with intakes on wildlife brought in by the public.  Thank you:  Dorothy Correa, Joyce Pardue, Pati Scott, JoDea Harry

As an organization, the Board of Directors understands that we have grown to the point of needing an Executive Director as well as needing an Office Manager (however, funding is not yet available for such important, organization-stabilizing jobs); so, in the meantime, we rely heavily on our wonderful volunteers!

It’s such a rewarding experience to recognize that our volunteers, when they see or realize a “need” for PWC, step up, take initiative and just “do it!”

From Kelly Cherry (who stepped up to help with the Center and Phone Volunteer’s calendar and email reminders), to Christine Lanier (who saw the need to start up “Critter Corner” – a newsletter just for the Center Volunteers), to Shawn Brown (who saw the need for one-on-one mentoring sessions for new volunteers), to Gary Bendetti (who fixed the precarious cage washing area), to Karen Venditti (who has taken over gathering info for and emailing out “Critter Corner”), to Richard Grise (who will get the word out to our volunteers about Oiled Wildlife Care Network trainings), to Kathleen Dillon (who helped coordinate the recent Center remodel), to our volunteer Tech Guru / President / Treasurer Dave Klinzman (who as supported the organization beyond measure); we are all so very appreciative for the vision you had and the time you committed to PWC!

The organization benefits from each and every volunteer who gives of their time, ideas and skills.

THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  Look for information on the Volunteer Appreciation Picnic to be scheduled in late summer or early fall…

Christine Lanier smiles as she takes on another “dirty job!”

Christine Lanier smiles as she takes on another “dirty job!”

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