If you are ever crossing the parking lot of an Albertsons and you hear a voice asking “Have YOU heard of PWC,” it is most likely coming out of a very tiny person named Rosemary. She draws in the crowd and educates while David mans the booth, pulls out the handouts, and thanks the donators profusely.

These two superhuman activists have a booth with a billion and 1 hand-outs on every topic you can imagine. Need instructions on how to make an owl box? Done. How to get the skunk smell out of clothes? Got it.

They take their booth to all of our events, as well as farmers markets, and even to the grocery store parking lots. They also put out a poster of photos, flyers, stuffed animals, candies, and a plastic jug for donations. This past year, they estimate that they have raised somewhere around $3,200 through the booth!

In their free time, they collect fishing line from piers and visit fish cleaning stations to teach the fishermen about safe fishing practices. And as if that’s not enough, you can also find them at the center volunteering with ALL sorts of tasks. Sometimes I just want to say, “Jeez you guys, you’re making the rest of us look like slackers!”

They have been with the center for 6 years now, but their zest and liveliness for the cause has not diminished at all. They like to tell the story about the first release they ever witnessed. They said it was a red tailed hawk release. They and a few others took the hawk back to where it was found, and within minutes of the release, he had found his mate once more and they reunited! It was a truly moving experience for them, and they passionately want to share this with others. They often tell me, “If we can change just one person’s mind about wildlife, then we have done our job.” But I can assure you they have changed far more than that. 🙂


  1. Christine Lowe on August 31, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    They are truely an inspiration. Last week they showed some of us volunteers how they wash oiled birds. They are awesome!!!!

  2. Dave Klinzman on September 4, 2012 at 8:02 am

    Rosemary and Dave are real special assets to PWC and their efforts and contributions are highly valued and much appreciated.

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