An awesome message from Richard Grise on Friday, August 24th:

TODAY AUG 24 @ 5pm something inspirational happened. With close supporters Craig & Kris,
Alex and I released 3 Brown Pelicans and 2 Western Gull juveniles.
WHO CARES: Well a MONTH ago two pelicans could have/should have been dead; entangled beyond
movement and with significant wounds due to hooks throughout their bodies, lines and sinkers.. they had a
small chance. The third had a 8-pound fillet– skeleton poking out its pouch– bleeding profusely..
a gruesome sight…

TODAY all three were released and flew and joined a pod of Brown Pelicans heading to sea to feed.. the JOY
and emotions can only be described but.. it happened.. it happened magically and majestically.. made
my MONTH.. my day.. this 15 minutes of release after over 500 hours of wildlife care… amazing recovery..

Thanks to Staff, Volunteers. Supervisors, and many of you that helped cover the $150/day it costs to just
feed them and keep them maintained… and mostly to protect the sensitive species that were deterred.. to heal.. to fly.. RETURN… they were all only less than a year old!… Today they flew to Whale Rock @ 19th in Cayucos … then joined a pod… off to feed…

I am still tingling.. it was a GREAT friday.. it was awesome.. it was…. i n s p i r a t i o n a l.. to me..THANK YOU Karen for releasing Care Center Staff for this release; to Alex for the help & constant inspiration/BLOGging…
and so much to my friends and supporters… Craig & Kris.. for making this even more special..

And a BIG thank you to Richard from all of us at the center! For your countless hours of working with animals, training the newbs, and just being plain awesome. Hey everyone, Richard’s birthday wish is to get our Facebook page up to 1,000 Likes! So tell your friends and friends of friends to find us and “Like” us!

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