Before the large pools were brought in, the birds in flight 1 had a few baby pools.

Then a generous trucking company decided to donate two large fiberglass tomato bins for the center to use as peli pools. So the construction began. We had to make a wooden support structure to hold the large bins because the weight of the water would break the fiberglass without any support.

Then we had to remove one of the side panels of flight 1 in order to roll the giant bins inside on pvc piping!

Once inside, we lined the bins with a plastic material used in coy ponds in order to prevent leakage. We also built the rest of the wooden support structure around the now pools, and then filled them with water!

After adding a few more touches such as a filtration system, some perches, astro turf, and extra platforms, flight 1 was ready for use.

Thanks to a lot of hard work and a generous donation, two tomato bins are now peli pools for our resident birds to enjoy.

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