This is our flight 1. It is a very large enclosure containing two very large pools of water for our birds to swim in. This is where we keep the birds once they are doing well and almost ready to be released. These past few months we have had 10-20 pelicans in here, along with several gulls, and most recently, a cormorant. We feed them a lot:

This is how much fish we put in there in the evening. They also eat in the morning. So as you can imagine, we go through quite a large number of boxes of fish at the center. Not to mention, we also feed fish to numerous other birds in other parts of the center.

For those of you who donate to PWC, this is where a lot of your donation goes! Buying fish and other food and supplies for the animals. In this busy season, we need more help than ever. Donate or volunteer at our website!

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