Awesome Opossum

This little guy is an Opossum, though many just call them Possums. The biggest mistake that people often make is thinking that these are rodents. They are not! They are actually marsupials. One characteristic common to marsupials is that they carry their young in a pouch. Other marsupial pouch babies include kangaroos, koalas, wombats, and Tazmanian devils! In fact, scientists believe that opossums came up to North America from South America in the Cretaceous period.

This little opossum came into the shelter after his mommy abandoned him. He must have fallen out of the pouch. So at the center, we feed him baby possum formula from a tiny eye dropper until he is old enough to eat on his own.

While they are completely harmless at this age, they can deliver a substantial bite once they are older. If you come upon one, he may feel threatened which will cause him to open his mouth slightly and show his teeth. This means, “Arg, I’m big and scary and don’t come near me because these are my teeth!”

We see a lot of possums in the clinic in the spring and fall because babies get abandoned or their mother will get injured or killed. But rest assured, they are cared for by all the amazing volunteers. If you wish to make a donation, visit our website.

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