What’s up with all the Pelicans? An article in the Bay News and information from State Parks calls the occurrence “Transient Phenomenon”. With weather trends showing an “El Nino” effect there has not been enough bait fish to feed all those juveniles. Add the affect of humans providing a source of food from fishing, restaurants etc, the young peli’s are hanging out and turning into beggars instead of learning to fish for themselves.
The fish seem to be returning but we can expect to see an increase in fish-hook and line injuries and entanglements.

We have had between 20-30 pelicans in the center this past month.

If you see an injured bird, please call us as soon as possible! 805-543-WILD

We appreciate all of the kind hearted people in our community that keep an eye on our wildlife. It takes an entire community working in partnership to preserve and ensure the humane treatment, rehabilitation and care of our vital wildlife.

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