Our very own juvenile Red Tailed Hawk!

This beautiful hawk was brought in to the center at the end of July. He was not standing, appeared to be in pain, and his pupils were dilated and he was unresponsive to light. All of these observations plus the location that the hawk was found led us to believe that he had hit a window. He had probably suffered a concussion which leads to swelling and pain.

After giving him some pain meds along with fluids and vitamins, he began feeling much better. He started using his legs, and is very successful at perching now! While he still requires hand feeding, this hawk is doing very well and will be moved into an outdoor flight as soon as he is eating on his own.

While difficult to see in the photos below, you can tell that this is a juvenile from the slight greenish tint on his beak.

Seen here, Richard holds the Hawk with protective gloves for Karen to be able to feed him.

This is why Richard is wearing gloves.

While his feet may look small and weak, they are far from it. If you get a finger or hand stuck in his iron grip, you aren’t getting it back until he decides it is time.

If I was a smaller mammal, I would quiver in fear. 😉

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