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We treat nearly 3,000 wild animal patients every year, from over 200 different species. Our goal? To return healthy animals to the wild! We also provide educational presentations for local organizations and schools.


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[Wildlife rehabilitation] "is a process of coming to know something quite unlike you, to understand it well enough not only to keep it alive but also to put it back, like a puzzle piece, into the gap in the world it left behind."

 -- Helen Macdonald, author of H is for Hawk


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9 hours ago

Pacific Wildlife Care

Cats don't "just" catch rodents when they go outside; a huge variety of wildlife species can be affected. Keeping cats indoors (or restricted to catios/catteries for outdoor time) keeps wildlife safe; it also keeps cats safe too! ... See MoreSee Less


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'Tis the way of nature.

My cats just watch but my dog would love to be a bird dog. I keep them indoors.

Yea domestic felines . .

Cats suck. That is all.


Well you will have your work cut out for you! Demonizing cats is not the way to go, they usually are feral and homeless. Spay and neutering is the responsible cat owners best option.

yeah, somebody nailed my gopher snake! now the gopher feels very bold.

Indoors only!!

Kill all kats n save the rest!

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Freedom Friday! This female, juvenile Cooper’s Hawk was brought to our clinic after being found in Morro Bay unable to stand or use her legs. These long-tailed accipiters race through dense foliage in pursuit of small birds and frequently hit windows. She was given an anti-inflammatory drug and pain medication and allowed several weeks of recuperation before being returned to her wild home. Thank you to our supporters, volunteers and staff for making these success stories possible!

#coopershawk #freedomfriday #backtothewild #homesweethome
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I love Freedom Friday❤️

Freedom Fridays are such a breath of fresh air. ❣️

Guess the animal! What animal do you think this is? 🙂

*We will give out the answer on Friday in the comments section.

#whatisit #guesstheanimal #wildlife
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Guess the animal! What animal do you think this is? 🙂 

*We will give out the answer on Friday in the comments section. 

#whatisit #guesstheanimal #wildlife


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A hawk?


Cooper’s Hawk

Peregrine Falcon

Coopers hawk

Sharp-shinned Hawk



Coopers hawk

Wild Turkey

Un Falcón de cola escalonada

Coopers hawk

Bryanna Cleland


I am thinking Turkey!

An owl🦉🦉🦉

some sort of hawk

Accipter, possibly Sharp-shinned.


Coopers Hawk?

It's a hawk...


Coopers Hawk?

Owl, not sure what kind though.

Sharp shinned hawk or Cooper’s hawk

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Our hearts go out to the people of Los Angeles and Ventura counties as they cope with a mass shooting and wildfires. We hope that this Freedom Friday video brings a little cheer at this time of grief and sadness.
These two Western Grebes came to us emaciated and, in one case, covered in oil. After being washed (please don't try this at home, it takes specialized knowledge), and given a proper diet and vitamins, they were allowed time to regain conditioning and waterproofing in our pelagic pool. Now strong and healthy, the birds were released into the bay. We wish them well and many fish meals!

#freedomfriday #wildlife #homesweethome
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Release videos help ❤️

What a wonderful post. It does, indeed make me happy and calmer after the horrors of yesterday's news. Thanks!

And to the people of Paradise. Truly a heartbreak

Thank you for bringing a smile to my face

Thank you!

I do love days like this. I did wildlife rehab a few years back and there was nothing better than releasing them back to the wild.💕💕

Gives us hope..thanks

Thank you for all you do 💚

Great post yes thanks for all the rehab you do.

I appreciate your work.

Look how they stay together.


Bless you and your efforts.

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