Rehabilitation Center-

A Refuge for Orphaned and Injured Wildlife

Directly and indirectly, humans affect the livelihood of every wild species on the planet. The Pacific Wildlife Care Rehabilitation Center in Morro Bay takes in:
  • seabirds covered in oil

  • birds and mammals hit by automobiles

  • seabirds entangled by fishing line and pierced by fishing hooks

  • hawks caught in barbed wire fences or maimed by gunshots

  • songbirds caught by cats

  • eagles and turkey vultures poisoned by bullet laced rodents or carion

  • mammal babies orphaned by trapped parents

  • and the list goes on...

Wildlife Rehabilitation

The Morro Bay Rehabilitation Center is committed to the highest standard of care in the field of wildlife rehabilitation. Our onsite veterinarian and rehabilitators are highly skilled professionals with many years of experience and training. They oversee the care of the animals, assign jobs for three shifts of center volunteers. They make sure every animal at the center receives:
  • a complete physical exam and treatment plan

  • adequate amounts of fluids and nourishment appropriate to the species

  • proper housing and caging

  • follow-up care and pre-release conditioning

Caring for the animals